Stoked for tonight’s show!! Major monster bass in full effect!!



Torch @ The Masquerade (w/ Corinthian Recordings)
Friday, December 16

ATL300 @ Venue 540 (w/ Custom Soldierz, HULK)
Saturday, December 17

Proppa’s Birthday Smash!!! @ The Quad (w/ Dioptrics, Mayhem, Heroes x Villains)
Wednesday, December 23

New Year’s Eve @ Primal [TBA]

Stay tuned.  More info to be announced.

Chris Vrenna is best known as the former drummer for Nine Inch Nails, from the eras of Pretty Hate Machine through The Downward Spiral. He is the current keyboardist for Marilyn Manson. Vrenna has an impeccable reputation as a solo artist (under his Tweaker moniker), talented producer (including production for Rob Zombie and Skinny Puppy), and remixer (including remixes for U2, David Bowie, Slipknot, KMFDM, Revolting Cocks, Lords of Acid, Butthole Surfers, and countless other top self acts.

Chris isn’t a dj that you find performing the usual dj circuit, so tonight will definitely be a treat to all in attendance.

Chris Vrenna (second from right) with Nine Inch Nails, Woodstock 1994

Click here for event info.


Shout out to the homie Adam John and the Theoretic Records camp!

“This mix is sexy, funky and energetic, and sure to be a welcome addition to your music library. The mix is the first of the In Theory Sessions – look for more in the future from artists on the label, as well as Arizona locals.”

Theoretic Records

Grab the mix from one of the following links:

01. Clinton Sparks – Run This City
02. Ben Samples – Wanted Dead or Alive
03. Queen – We Will Rock You ( J Rmx)
04. Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (Boreta Rmx)
05. Innit – Tarnival
06. DMG$ – Follow the Leader (Mexicans With Guns Rmx)
07. Lorn – Greatest Silence
08. Jeannie Ortaga – Crowded (Instrumental)
09. Elephant Man vs. Ed O.G. – Haters Want a War/Just Call My Name (Adam John Masher)
10. Ben Samples – Drop Bombs
11. Nasty Ways – Schopwrekka
12. Ango The Merciless – Fuckthat
13. Unknown – Document 74
14. KRS-One – Krush Them
15. King Fantastic – All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song)
16. Minnesota – Original Gangsta
17. Ana Sia – Voodoo Love
18. Runge Kutta & D-Theory – Say What (Original Mix)
19. Omega – DADstep
20. EPROM – Humanoid
21. Wu-Tang Clan – Let’s Get It (Evol Intent Rmx)
22. Stephan Jacobs – Notorious Thugs
23. Rob Sparx – Casino
24. Bird Peterson – Zutopong (Akira Kiteshi VIP)
25. Bare and Messinian – Thugs In The Hood
26. Jammer – Better Than (Lorn Rmx)

Let me just say that this isn’t a Nine Inch Nails DJ Mix, as in Trent mixing the set himself.  No, instead this is an incredible dj-style mix by Dabbler that features some stellar remixes of NIN’s familiar output spanning the nineties, and delivers trippy, dark, and industrial sounds.  The mix varies in tempo and pace, with sounds of metal grinding away behind grooving synth lines one moment then subtly settling into warm pads and distant percussion the next.  Trent’s vocals are peppered throughout the mix without becoming the main focus of the music, and the track selection features some super-rare bits.  Check it out!

DOWNLOAD Nine Inch Nails – Mixed Feelings [Mixed by Dabbler]

Closer (Precursor)
Closer (Further Away)
Get Down Make Love
Throw This Away… Read More
Into The Void
A Warm Place (Vocal Rmx ft Stella Soleil)
A Warm Place (Original Mix)
Eraser (Instrumental Live 95)
Reptile (Instrumental) with excerpts from original
Reptile (remixed by Dave Oglivie)
Underneath The Skin
The Downward Spiral (The Bottom)
The Art Of Self Destruction (pt 1)
We’re In This Together
You Know Who You Are
Head Like A Hole (Slate Mix)
Heresy (Version)
Happiness In Slavery (PK Slave Mix)
Burn Like Brilliant Trash (NIN Dub 120 Mix)
Happiness In Slavery (Broken)
Happiness In Slavery (Fixed)
Do Not Want This (Instrumental)
Do Not Want This
At The Heart Of It All

Check out Dabbler here

I’ll be rockin the headlining slot this Thursday at Stoned Studios for the eighth session of Chronicles of Grime.  I’ve got some brand new stuff to road test before dropping my new mixtape chock-full of antiMatter remixes and original productions.

Stoned Studios
860 Hank Aaron Drive
Atlanta, GA  30315

Doors @ 10pm // $5 [18+]

Facebook event info here.

Catch me rockin a surprise guest dj set this Thursday night with Doctor G and others at this week’s session of The Chronicles of Grime parties. I’ve got a good bit of new material to road test and plenty of Betamorph dubs to smash with.

Don’t miss it!

ATLANTA, GA  30315

Doors @ 10 // $5 Entry

Facebook RSVP here.

Big up DSEL Promotions for having me back to Macon to destroy the dance with beats and bass! BOOM!!

Click here to RSVP and for full party info.


Catch me at Masquerade tonight for an all-drum x bass dj set.  I’ll be opening the night representing for the Corinthian Recordings camp and performing for 2 hours until midnight.

TORCH | Drum & Bass Music

DJs: Sorted / Section 8 / Antimatter

The Masquerade

695 North Ave Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308-2856
(404) 577-8178

FREE! 18+

| FREE 320k DOWNLOAD: LIGHTS IN THE SKY (drum & bass dj mix) |

High Five.  Lust.  Two absolute bangers.  I’ve been dropping these two tracks together for a few weeks and decided I should mash them up proper, so I dumped them both into Logic and sorted this out.  Dig it!

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Eastside Lounge, Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011
Apache Cafe, Atlanta, GA

Saturday, Apr 09, 2011
2 High Studios, Atlanta, GA

Thursday, May 26, 2011
Inferno Lounge, Atlanta, GA

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Cafe Olivia, Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, June 17, 2011
Lonestar, Ft Worth, TX

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Cocktail Cove, Atlanta, GA

Friday, July 15, 2011
Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Element, Macon, GA

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